Monday, December 26, 2016

9+ pro tips to be a Good Online Earner

earn money online the right way
I had already written so many websites to earn money online. And I will write further too, and also, there so many other sources you can find out information about those too.

You will read them, you may also, try them too. But the problem remains the same, you are not getting the expected results. So that's why I need to write this article.

May be the problem is not with the place you work, it may be the way you work. So go through the tips below. It will help you to earn money like a pro.

1. Part time or Full time

There are two different types of people looking for online jobs. Students and already employed people are looking for a part time job meanwhile, some people are looking for a job to earn their whole income in front of a computer.

If you just trying dig out some extra bucks do not grab a job with hard responsibilities. Stay with some simple tasks, something brings immediate results, such as survey, micro jobs, nd PTC etc. Your job or studies may not give you enough time to read charts and trade. 

If you think to earn all your expenses with the internet it will not be a good idea to fill surveys all the day. Try something big, start your own website or blog on a niche you are really good at, even a youtube channel. 

Freelancer jobs including Freelancer writing is also a good career choice. But it can also be a part time job too with a limited working plan. Online trading also another cool career choice, but you need a lot of knowledge and practice before step on it. 

If you are interested in Forex trading, try a website such as Babypips, it will teach you A to Z on Forex market. 

2. Make sure you are at the right place

Even if you earn hundreds of dollars on a scam website it's just a waste of time. So if you wish to join on any website to work on first of all make sure you can trust them and they will pay you.

This is not a hard task at all, just type the name + review on the google and read some reviews about it. With these reviews, you might be able to find out more information about the website too.

But most importantly, give a priority to forum discussions when reading reviews, as websites may buy paid reviews from bloggers but they can't buy a whole community.

The full meaning of right place to work doesn't limits scam or legit. You must choose something best suited to your skills. If you have pro writing skills you should not waste your time writing paid reviews on amazon products for few cents.

3. Just Sign Up with programs you can do

This is a very important fact. If you not a big fan of music you can't earn money by reviewing music on SlicethePie. So move on with something you really love, otherwise, it will just ruin your time.

4. Do not move on so quickly

Simply, you can't judge somewhere better or not with experience of a single day. If you start a new website or even if you work on any earning website, you can't reach your maximum potential from the day of hello.

As it always said, practice makes you perfect. You have to hang on for a while to grab the tips and tricks you need to reach the maximum profit.

As an example when I first started working micro jobs it was pretty hard to earn a $1 for a day. But with the weeks of experience I could earn $10+ easily with working 3 or 4 hours. Learn how I earn $10+ a day with micro jobs.

5. Keep a variety of things to do

This is something affect on your mind. If you are looking at the same screens all the day, It will reduce your effectiveness. Make yourself fresh with something new.

Yes, it is right. If you are a pro writer with magical words you will earn a lot of $$$ with writing than something else. But also try to click some PTC ads in between your writings, it will give your mind a break.

6. Keep a To-Do list

This is very important if you are blog or website builder or even a YouTuber. As you initially have to work without any many. You may forget things to do. But the list will remind you the missing tasks.

But keep in mind to make it simple as possible. Do not fill it up with unnecessary tasks.

This is similarly important to people who are working with multiple websites. (Like me) List all the websites you are earning with on your To-Do list.

7. Leave some time for Experiments

You may be earning well with the website you work right now. But you also have to check out the other similar websites too. 

So as an example if you are earning well with Inboxdollars also try Swagbucks, it may work better for you. However, as I said before do not move on so quickly. Take some time to make sure you got the right decision.

8. Life is a hell without Holidays

What is the use of money if you haven't a day to spend some of the and make some fun. Don't make yourself it's hard to leave the Computer and the Internet for a day.

Otherwise, your busy life will gradually start to hate earn money online.

9. Do not overload yourself

When you are working with internet you are the boss. So no one decides how many hours you should work. It's your decision. So you need enough rest to stay mentally strong. 

Always keep in mind to keep some time to spend with your family, friends and other things you love.

Also, do not Ignore works without a proper reason

This is the opposite of the above fact. As you are your own boss you can also ignore things and keep doing nothing. 

No matter the job is online or offline nothing comes with no effort. So you have to work if you need to work. If it is really hard for you to stay on work, schedule yourself with holidays and a simple To-Do list.

Final words

As I said before I am not earning thousands of dollars online. However, I earn $300+ a month and spend a happy life with my earnings. So I thought these things might help you too just like they did me.

So finally if you enjoy reading the article, let me know your opinion too. And it's open for you to add your pro tips too. The comment section is all belongs to the reader.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The best online Survey website to make Money being on anywhere on the World

best survey website, earn money by filling surveys

Even though I hadn't written much about online surveys, most probably you already know it is a smart way to earn some extra money.

Most of these survey sites are not available outside US and UK, Even some of them accept members outside those countries they do not have surveys to fill.

And that was the main reason for me avoid writing about survey sites a bit. However, here I am going to introduce you a leading survey site which also accepts members outside US and UK and also there are lot ways to earn money too.

No fight I admit it. Even though people outside the US and UK earning opportunities for people outside US and UK have low earning opportunities relative to US and UK members.

Inboxdollars is the website which I am talking about. Inboxdollar launched in 2005, and from today it has millions of loyal members.

And also I am not the first person writing about Inboxdollars there are 100s of reviews about it. You can also find it many articles about top online survey websites.

Also, it has many ways to earn money such as Playing Games, Reading paid Emails, Using their search engine for web searches etc.

So if you are interested in Inboxdollars quickly register for a free account and start earning money by doing funny tasks. Use this link to register and receive a $5 sign up bonus.

Also, read- Quickrewards review -The Quickest rewarding mini job and Survey website

Let's dig out this bit deeper,

Pros of Inboxdollars

1. Lot of ways to earn

Survey is not the only way to earn here. It has some interesting ways to earn such as Playing Games, Reading Paid emails, and Watching TV etc.

You can also use their search engine to your day to day work. It works same as google. But google does not pay you for using it but Inboxdollar pays you.

Most importantly Inboxdollars is also famous for their high paying offers. Such as free trail sign up offers. However, you have to deactivate them after the free trial, otherwise, they will start to bill you.

2. Interesting Referral program

You can also earn money by referring your friends and family. There is no limit of making referrals, you can refer as much as you can. 

And this is the most important part. You receive a 10% commission from everything your referrals earn for the entire lifetime. 

In most online survey websites you only receive the referral commission for Surveys. But in Inboxdollars you get paid for everything your refs earn, no matter how they earn it, watching TV Playing Games or Reading Emails, anything.

3. Timely payments

Here you do not have to submit support tickets for the admins about your payments. They always pay their members in the time.

Cons of Inboxdollars

1. High minimum payment relative to other survey sites.

This is the main reason for most of the people to avoid using Inboxdollars. Its minimum payment is high as $30.  

It's a really big amount to receive payments according to the payment minimums of the other Survey sites. They always keep their payment minimum below $10.

2. The only Payment option available is check

Sadly, you can not receive your payment quickly into your PayPal in Inboxdollars. They only use checks as the method of making payments. 

It may be the reason for their higher payment minimum. As they can not issue checks for $5 or $10.

Even though I listed this on cons, Some people are happy about this. As PayPal is not allowed for receiving payments in certain countries. They feel comfortable with this payment system. 

3. All the Earning options are not available for everyone

Even though anyone on the globe can join this program. All the earning options are not available for everyone. 

Reading paid emails is not available in some countries. And people outside the US can not earn by watching online TV.

However, there may be enough ways to earn for you no matter where your house is?

Final words

Though Inboxdollars have serious cons such as high minimum payout it is a really nice place to earn some smart cash. And it's really fun to earn money there too.

So here is the offer again, If you think Inboxdollars is a valuable place to work with use this link to SignUP and receive a $5 signUP bonus. 

You can also experience some surveys consume up to 5 to 10 minutes before choosing whether you are qualified or not to the survey. But I did not state it on cons as is common on most online Survey websites.

If you think this is a good way to earn a second income being on home, Do not forget to this with your friends too. They may be looking for a place to strat working online. 

I do a lot of homework before posting this using many VPNs and study about the appearance of this website in many countries. So really think this is a nice place to earn some smart cash by answering online surveys. Do not think twice to state your opinion too the comments are all open for you.

Thanks for reading.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

5 ways to earn money with manual Traffic Exchange websites

earn with traffic exhange, how people earn with traffic exchange sites

Most probably, you are well aware of traffic exchange websites. If you are not two sentences below will perfectly describe it.

Traffic Exchanges are a kind of websites which allow you to visit websites, and in return, you can earn visits to your websites. Simply if you visit a website, someone will visit your website in return.

As an extra offer checkout, the websites below those are the best reputed and trusted Traffic Exchange websites in the industry for now.

1. Easyhits4U - Live since 2003 and it's the biggest traffic exchange network available.
2. Hitlink - Also a leading traffic exchange website.
3. Trafficswirl - It's also live from 2003 and leading exchanger.

I am not going to make this list bigger as this is not our topic. And also keep in mind those strategies may not applicable for bot auto-surfing websites.

1. The pure Surfer - Earn by surfing websites

This is the most primary way to earn money with traffic exchange websites. This is not going to reward you high, but anyone with a computer can do this. That why its comes the first place in the list.

Most traffic exchange websites pay the surfers. In Easyhits4U that value is $0.3 for every 1000 web pages you surf. And others are also paying a similar amount of money.

Yes, It may a peanut, But it's just a bi-product. You need website visits, those will earn you bigger. And more importantly, it doesn't take much time visit 1000 web pages either. If the timer is 10 seconds you can make it from 3 hours, it also counts the loading time of the webpage.

2. Few seconds are enough to Impress someone  (Affiliate Marketing)

OK, this is the big fish I am going to talk about, If you need to earn big money from Traffic exchange this is the way. 

First find out a product that, traffic exchange surfer may interested in. It may most probably about earn money online, auto money making bot, or a website building tool or even an SEO tool. As most of the people surf for money, so it's their common interest. Definitely, it is not a good place to sell a T-Shirt.

It's also nice if you can find something cost only few bucks, you can easily find such thing from Clickbank or from a website who are developing money making bots. And become an affiliate marketer of it.

Once you found it, Create a web page promoting it, make use of Traffic Exchange websites to make people visit it. Also, there are few things you need to focus when creating it.
  • Make it Simple and Fast loading. (As traffic exchanges also count the time to load)
  • Make it highly Eye-Catching ( You have a limited time to impress the visitor)
  • Use a custom domain ( makes you a cheap spammer) 
  • Include real numbers in the descriptions, they work better
However, you can not expect a high conversion rate for sales, so keep experimenting until you find the best formula. If it is working better you don't need to surf anymore, you can buy credits.

3. Promote someone else website with PTP 

So if you can not make a website and promote content, that's not the end of the world, You still have some options to earn with your credits.

PTP means paid to promote. Simply this is the brother of PTC (Paid to Click), here you have to promote the websites. Once you signup with PTP website such as Rotate4all, you will have your Paid to Promote link you just have to assign your credit for that link. So the PTP program you joined will pay you for every visit you deliver.

PTP pay rate differs from $0.3 to 1 for $1000 page views you deliver. So most probably you will earn on an average of $0.6 for 1000 page views.

4. Sell your Website credits

You can also sell the website credits you earned by surfing the web. As an Example think, you are surfing on Easyhits4U. It costs such as $1 for 1000 pageviews, So if the advertiser can purchase the same amount of pageviews from you for $0.5 he may be happier to deal with you than the Easyhits4U website.

However, I never found a platform to make these deals. But you can still use the e-money forums such as Emoney Space and Earning Forum to find customers. State as you are selling Easyhit4U credits on your signature too.

5. Making Referrals for other earning websites

This is the main use of TE for most of the people. But according to this is not a much profitable way to earn with Traffic Exchange websites.

Surfers are hurt of watching Neobux and Clxsense so your referrals link may not be something special for them. So if you are trying to make refs for world's most famous earning websites, it will be a completely waste of efforts.

It might be easy to make referrals for new and fresh websites. But as I said before there is very low conversion rate. It's very hard to make active refs with Traffic Exchange. That's why it takes the last place on my list.

That all I had on this topic. Also, you can boost your earnings through making some referrals the Traffic Exchange website you are working with. Comments are open for your opinion.
Thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Why does Clixsense is still being a good place to Earn

how to earn with clixsense, why does clixsense is being the best

Clixsense is a PTC site and also GPT site open for anyone on the globe. And it is successfully paying their members from 2007 without any issue. So I think it would be interesting to learn reasons for their successful journey.

Before we start to talk about Clixsense, most probably I think you already know about PTC and Clixsense. So If you are not you are kindly invited to read about what PTC is really about.

The Reality of PTC Sites Scam or Legit

Most PTC sites are ponzi scams who sets up the sites suddenly and run away after they collect the money they need. However, Clixsense is being there from 2007 and they are still paying their members honestly.

We still can see that 100 of articles on the internet drive us Clixsense as a good place earn. So I spotted out the 5 facts below as the main reasons for Clixsense to a good place to earn even now.

1. It's not just a PTC site.

No matter how does it began but its still not just a PTC site. It has multiple ways to earn money. So 1000s of loyal of Clixsense make some extra money by doing some interesting stuff like Watching videos, Filling surveys and also with offers. 

So it's pretty easy to earn 100 bucks a month with Clixsense even without single referral doing those stuff. So that is the main reason of Clixsense to be a good earning place even today.

2. It's the world no. 1 PTC

Even-though PTC is a scammy industry, everybody does not try to run away with few bags of money. As it has been on the internet for a long time it has so many trusted members and advertisers.

So they don't need to run away, they continuously earn money with their website. So if they run away suddenly closing Clixsense as a scam it just stops their income flow. 

3. Not having the Ponzi rental referral scam

Most PTC sites have the ability to rent referrals. This seems to a nice opportunity to earn a lot of money. However, in reality, it's not so. 

In most PTC sites, those rental referrals are not real humans they are bots who has nicely programmed to steal your money. 

So in Clixsense there is nowhere to rent refs, It means you are not going to lose your money instead of earning.

4. Ability makes unlimited amount of direct referrals

Direct referrals are the persons who join Clixsense or any other program under the guidance of you. So you don't have to rent they or pay any maintenance fee to keep them. You just receive a commission from their earning.

So most of other PTC sites limit your ability to making direct referrals. You have to buy their membership upgrades in order to extend your direct referral limits. 

However, in Clixxsense you do not have such limits, you can refer as much as friends there and grow your earnings.

5. Strict rules and Hard security

Rules are essential for any place to be safe. As Clixsense has pretty hard rules and with its hard security it's hard to cheaters to steal money from Clixsense. 

It is strictly provident to use Proxies and multiple accounts, those actions cause the ban of existing accounts of the users. So they are stable as they are free of cheaters, it causes they don't need to cheat their honest members to regain their loose money.

Final Words

Clixsense is a global opportunity anyone can join there and earn some money. I know there is not much to do for Asians as US members and Europian members. However, Asians still can earn a passive income with Clixsense by making some direct refs. So give it a try, nothing comes with doing nothing. 

So Clixsense is a good website to earn some extra money with doing some extra stuff. If you not currently a member of Clixsense and wish to use this link to sign up and be a referral of me if you wish.

So that is the end of the article. If you enjoy reading the article do not forget to share this with your friends too. Also keep your comment below and let me know your opinion about the article as it is most important thing for me.
Thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Quickrewards review -The Quickest rewarding mini job and Survey website

earn some quick money by doing easy tasks

If you googled for earn money online, definitely find out thousands of options for you. But the problem is a lot of them are scams and lot of the rest are worthless for your effort.

So however the program which I am going to introduce you may not be the best suitable for you. However, they pay you pretty quick without a minimum amount to payout. Isn't it worth for taking a look?

Most of the GPT sites pays on a weekly or monthly basis, at least they have a minimum amount to pay. However, Quickrewards defer from them they do not have a minimum payment amount to proceed the payments.

They pay you even a single cent you earned. Similarly, all the payments are processed within a day.

So if you are interested in the program, take a visit from here. Even though it pay you fast it still there few thins you need to know.

Payment options

There are no many payment options available for payment. Paypal is the only payment option available. Apart from PayPal, you can still request your payments with gift cards on your favorite online stores such as Amazon.

Only allowed for members from US and UK

This program is not allowed all around the globe. They only accept members from US and UK. That is the main disadvantage I found there. People outside the US and Uk are redirected to another website called opinion route and I have no idea about that.

Earning options has a number of ways to earn such as doing offers, Surveys , Daily clicks , Video watching etc. However all of them are not quick as their payments, Surveys and Video watchings usually takes 2 or 3 days to be credited to your balance.

Meanwhile, offers credited within minutes and daily clicks credited instantly. So if you are in a hurry to receive the money you have to defend on offers and daily clicks. However, there are thousands of offers and click tasks, so you will never run out of them.

Earnings are credited as Quick Points (QP) 100 QP has the same value of $0.01. So as an example if you complete an offer worth 5000 QP you have earned $ 0.5 from it.

The design of the website

From the first view, it totally looks like trash. This website begins on 2002 and it's still paying, so you do not have to worry whether they pay or not. As the website its design also decades old.

From the first day, I visited this program, I feel this a scam even though I read so many positive reviews about it due to its design of the website.

Referral Program

Quickrewards also process a referral program as the others GPT sites. You have the ability to join unlimited amount of direct referrals and receive their referral commission. There referral commission is only 5% and it's a low value relative to the other sites.

Final Words

This is a very good website for a second income. And it the most effective way to earn few bucks for the online use I ever found. It is a trusted website by thousands of loyal members over decades.

However, this is not going to make you rich there are no offers which are going to pay you in thousands of dollars. As it pays pretty quick, it really motivates you to earn there, so give it a try.

That's all I have to write about Quickrewards it's up to you now. If you enjoy reading this do not forget to share this with your friends. Do not think twice to comment your opinion below it is the most worth thing for me.
Thanks for reading.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

5 ways to earn money from Facebook

how to earn money with facebook, how to make social website to earn money. best facebook tricks to earn money

What is Facebook? Facebook is the most famous social media in the whole world. It is really hard to find someone who doesn't know about Facebook even from the entire globe. That's why it becomes the best marketplace for anyone to reach the best-targeted audience for their product.

Yes, we are talking about the same thing, the place we use to share our photos captured during our vacation, the same place we use to chat with our old friends and also the same place we use to share an awesome youtube video we just watched with our friends.

And that's what exactly matter, you can share any content trough Facebook. And we are going to make use of this to earn money. So here I'm going to talk about 5 ways to earn money by doing posting on Facebook. Choose the thing which is suitable for you.

1. Promote your own Website or Blog.

If you are a person with good creative ideas and some skills with the internet, why would you waste your Facebook traffic for someone else, build up your own website and sell your stuff there, That's how you are going to make the full use of Facebook.

However, the above paragraph doesn't mean that only commercial websites or blogs can earn money. You can write about any niche you are interested, and make a non-commercial website and give away free information like me. 

Create great looking articles and share them on Facebook, You can earn money for every visitor who visits your blog, Basically by displaying ads on your content. And displaying ads is the most primary way of earning through a website, so check out the article below.

To be honest, Facebook will not do the job alone, it doesn't give the total potential for a new website to grow up, but it is the best place to start driving traffic to your content. And it was mine too.

So as an example imagine you are posting a blog about new clothing Fashions, then find out some Facebook groups about Clothing and share your content on them, People on those groups will love to hear from you. You can learn a lot more things being in the industry.

2. Do a referral campaign, and earn through them.

Referrals are the persons who joined to any money earning program with the guidance of you. So the website owners have a good reason to pay you a commission of your referrals earnings as you made them work there.

The commission may be 10% 20% or any percentage of your referrals earnings it defers from website to website.

Most of the online money making programs process a referral system, Why they don't it the best way to promote their website with no budget. It's similarly important for you as you can earn a commission from their earnings by doing nothing.

If you are already working with earning website this may be the time to boost your earning. If you are not, try some survey or mini job sites even a PTC site. Imagine how cool it is if you have thousands of referrals, then they will earn hundreds of dollars for you while you are sitting back watching they earn for you. 

But all this glory doesn't come with nothing, you have to work for it. Make an attractive landing page for your referral link and share it all over the Facebook.

As I said before Facebook is a rich source of people with any kind of interest. There are hundreds of Facebook groups with thousands of members on "earn money online", then why can't you attract them to your referral program.

If you're looking for much bigger results then move on to advertising on Facebook, Facebook ads can perfectly target the audience with age, gender and the location. So you can reach thousands of people with your message for few bucks.

3. Promote a website in

This method is an alternative to the method 1. If you don't have the enough time to maintain a blog or a website just forget the first way and move on to this.

Mylikes is a website which is going to make a blog for you. You don't need to write a single word on it. They provide you tons of fresh content to share on social medias such as Facebook.

Once you sign UP with Mylikes they will create you a blog using your username as the domain of the blog. But you have the authority to customize the view of your blog and also to decide what to share with your website.

Once you registered there and create your blog, all you need to do is picking up few articles which are seems to be interesting for your Facebook friends and share those articles with your friends. However, do not over use this and spot out as a spammer. 

Mylikes pays you in a pay per click(PPC) basis. Every visitor you send there will earn you few cents.
The income from a click is not always the same, click from the US or the UK is worth like $0.012 and that value decreases for a value such as $0.008 for the visitors from the rest of the globe.

So you have an average around $0.01 for click on your Facebook post. So on $1 for 100 views, that's not a bad deal.

However, this is just an alternative to method one, you can earn more than $0.01 from a visitor with your own website. So don't waste your magical words if you are a good writer.

4. Affiliate marketing, help the producers to sell their products.

Think you are mobile phone producer, and you make a mobile phone far more similar to Apple iPhone 7, Will it receive the same interest as Apple iPhone 7? No, nowhere near, they have a name and dedicated fans for their products.

So every new producer struggle there. No matter how cool their products are but no one hears about those. Here comes the affiliate marketing, you introduce their products to your audience and you receive a commission from the every sale you made.

Now there are hundreds of affiliate programs on the internet such as Amazon affiliate program and share your affiliate link with your dedicated fans. To be honest, you will never do this with your personal Facebook profile.

Build up a Facebook page, if you haven't already and update it regularly and build up a dedicated fan base at least with 10 000 fans, then you can try affiliate marketing.

Otherwise, it's just a dream. But it is worth for effort as it is going to be count as pennies as in the other programs. It will reward you with big numbers from few dollars to hundreds of dollars for a single sale.

So if you are 100% new to this read the article below by Social Caffeine about how to set up a successful Facebook page.
How to Create a Popular, Profitable Facebook Page in 7 Easy Steps

But most importantly remember to promote things suite for your audience for better results, Fans of your Fashion FB page will more prefer to buy a T-Shirt than a Basketball helmet.

5. Sell your Facebook audience for other Website owners.

Similarly, as in affiliate marketing, you are not going to perform this with your Facebook profile. You need to set up a Facebook page with at least 10 000 fans to perform this either. 

There are few ways you can perform this create Fiver account and make a gig for selling posts on your Facebook page. Also, try websites such as ShopSomething and BuySellads to sell posts on your fan page. Do not forget to price your fan page post reasonably, otherwise, no one will buy a post from you.

The most important thing with this method is you are not responsible for the result of the post. Advertisers buy your posts then you post them, once you post it you will be rewarded.

Final words

If you spend hours on Facebook for a day, Why don't you try some smart move to earn some dollars while enjoying your Facebooking? But it doesn't mean that you are going to earn for nothing, It is also a job too it needs your dedication.

So hope you enjoy the article, Do not forget to share this with your friends if you found this is useful. Feel free to ask anything or suggest the things you know even to express your opinion about this post comments are open for all of you.
Thanks for reading. 

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The best way to make a lot of referrals for any website for free

how to make referrals, best way to make direct referrals, earn more with referrals

Most of the money earning websites, allow us to increase our income through making referrals as it is the main method of expanding their website for free.

No matter what is the program you are working with it may be a PTC site , Mini job site, Survey site or any kind of money making website, if it allows you to make direct referrals you can use this method to make hundreds of referrals within few days.

However, here I'm not going to direct you to a magical website which you just have to put your referrals link and hundreds of referrals flowing through it.

You may already have tried so many methods such as telling friends and family and posting on Facebook etc. However, none of us have thousands of close friends, so these things are never going to bring you too many referrals. So this may be the time for you do something professional.

In this strategy, you need to go through 4 steps to archive your goal. And you also need to think and work very smartly to get the maximum profit of your effort. So lets we navigate through your money machine formula.

1. Determine whether the website you are referring is Famous or not.  

I know this do not make any sense. However, here you have a question to say yes or no. According to the answer, the rest of the process in going to separate for two different ways.

The first thing you need to do is determining the website you are going to promote is famous or not. This is not a hard task, You can easily decide this by googling about the website.

If that website has been reviewed by a lot of people and also if it has so many forum discussions it is definitely a famous website which is used by a lot of people to make money. If it isn't it is not famous.

Do not worry if you feel the above step as a hard task. Then use this simple alternative. Visit the, it is a website about traffic rankings of all the websites on the internet.

Then enter the URL of the website you are working and check its traffic rank. If it is below 100 000 it can be considered as a famous website otherwise, it is not much popular.

2. Make an attractive landing page for your ref link.

This is the most important part of the process, so you need to bring all your hard work here. And there are so many things you need to consider when doing this.

Choose any of blogging or demo website building platform as you wish. I recommend you to use Blogger as it can be accessed by anyone who had a google account and also it is the easiest web platform I ever used.

Now, first of all, choose the name of your landing page as suitable to the website you are gonna promote and customize its view as it convinced the reader, you are serious. 

The importance of the thing we have done in step one comes here. You have to choose two different ways to create the article by considering whether the website is famous or not.

As an example if you are going to make refs on a PTC site, and if it is Neobux everybody who already familiar with PTC sites already know about it. So you need to bring 100% newbie people about PTC there.

Otherwise, if you are promoting a less famous new website the best option for you is bringing people who already know about that industry.

So if you are about a less famous website, create your article showing the advantages of the website relative to the other competitors of the industry. So then the people who are already familiar with similar websites will grab the opportunity immediately.

However, If you are about a famous website then do not try to compare your referring website with others, Just be so simple and describe A to Z to how to earn there, how to join there, how to cash out and receive money, as your article is going to be read by people who are 100% new on making money online.

If you think, you are not a good writer to write an attractive article, and still want to do this, you can hire someone for a very low cost with a website such as iWriter or find a super cool article about the exact website on the internet and copy paste it.

And edit its links with your referral link. But do not forget to link the original post as the source at the end of the article, otherwise, you may have to face problems about the copy write.

Also, do not forget to use the best suitable title for your article. Once you finish this, you have officially launched your referral machine.

3. Find out some traffic sources for your article.

However, you are not completely done yet. readers will be not automatically driven into your article, you need to drive them there.

Find out some Facebook groups, Google+ communities, forums etc, which are suitable for your article. So if you are going to refer people to a less famous website it is better to post your article in e-money communities, as they can be easily attracted to an another e-money program.

So as I said if you going to refer people to a famous website such as Neobux no one on an e-money community may even want to look at your post.

So now you need to think about people who can easily attract for an earn money online program. Think about gaming communities and communities about Apps and Softs, aren't they the best opportunity to you?

4. Share your knowledge for the world.

Finally, you have to post the link to your landing page on the traffic sources you already made up. However, it is not all over by sharing it once with them. Repeat the action over and over whenever you can. More traffic on the article is going to make more referrals.

And that's all I had to say about making referrals, I know it is just a rough sketch you have to personalize it.

You may have ideas and suggestions to improve this strategy, then why don't you share it with all of us? the comment section is all yours. Do not forget to share this with you friends if you found this was informative. 
Thanks for reading.

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